Yoga Teacher Training in Bath

Ready to Embark?

Welcome to our Yoga Alliance Accredited 200hr in-person Yoga Teacher Training. Here you have the opportunity come on a journey of self-discovery and growth (through the simple yet profound tools of breath, gravity and intentional awareness) leading to profound embodiment.

In this safe and supportive space we will explore a wide range of yoga practices, embracing diverse experiences and moving beyond simplistic one-size-fits-all approaches. We want to both nurture and challenge you, encouraging curiosity and advocating a questioning approach to yoga practice and teaching.

We want to allow you to understand and embrace your own embodied experience of yoga, allowing you to craft innovative and inspiring yoga classes that resonate with you so that is from there you can teach with confidence and a sense of fulfilment.

Spanning 12 months this program is based on a rich format, allowing engagement through openhearted facilitation and meaningful discussion with time for reflection and personal development; overall an environment conducive to growth and exploration.

“Holly isn’t your average yoga teacher. She takes you far deeper into the practice than stretching and poses. Her flows make it effortless to immerse yourself in your movement and breath.

Holly also reads the room. She has an intuitive sense of each person’s ability and emotional state, and ensures that you’re never under-performing or over-stretching. Instead, she guides you to a place of both progression and restoration. Plus, whenever you’re in need of a small tweak or adjustment she’s always there to provide it.

Bottom line, Holly’s yoga classes are sensational.”

Thomas Law

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David Dodd

David Dodd



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Carefully crafted to deepen your understanding of yoga, you will immerse yourself in a diverse range of topics and practices related to yoga. Emphasis will be place on the significance of holding space for both yourself and others. We will explore the rich historical development of yoga and the core principles of the practice, tracing its evolution from ancient to modern times; referencing the most recent discoveries anatomy, mindfulness, and breath-work and building and strengthening the foundation of your ongoing practice yoga journey.

Who is the Training For?

We extend our invitation to all anyone with an enthusiasm to dive into the depth of yoga. Whether your aspiration is to become a skilled yoga teacher or you seek self-discovery and want to enhance your personal practice, this course allows the possibility for both; time for a renewed perspective and the certain opportunity to enrich your practice.

Teacher Training

Cost & Dates for Yoga Teacher Training

Course cost: £2,999 (£2750 if you sign up before 31/11/23)

Course Location: Bath, UK

Please note this is an in-person yoga teacher training. 

The dates  –  

March 9 & 10 2024

April 6 and 7 2024

May 18 & 19 2024

June 22 & 23 2024

July 6 & 7 2024

August 3 & 4 2024

Sept 14 & 15 2024

Oct 12 & 13 2024

Nov 9 & 10 2024

Nov 30 & Dec 1 2024

Jan 11 & 12 2025

Feb 8 & 9 2025

Plus some on-line sessions


Holly Warren Yoga, Burdall’s Yard, Anglo Terrace, Bath


How to Apply for this Yoga Teacher Training in Bath

To join our Yoga Teacher Training course, we kindly request that you have a minimum of two years of yoga practice experience. While we acknowledge that this experience will vary for each individual, a familiarity with core yoga principles is necessary. If you meet this requirement and are interested in enrolling, we would love to get to know you better.

Ideally, we would like to meet you in person by having you attend one of our yoga classes. This will provide us with an opportunity to connect and have a chat. However, if you are not local, don’t worry! We are more than happy to arrange a phone call to discuss your interest in the YTT program.

To take the next step, please take a moment to fill out the form below. Holly, will promptly get back to you with more information and to discuss further details. We look forward to hearing from you and having you join our transformative YTT journey.

Please fill out the form below and Holly will get back to you.

“I have been attending workshops, classes and retreats with Holly for over 3 years and have recently completed my teacher training with her. She has been instrumental in my yoga journey so far and my continued path of learning.

Holly is an extremely knowledgeable, passionate and graceful teacher, combining a mindful, inquisitive practice with up to date anatomical knowledge. She gets students to explore their boundaries by getting them to really start to really feel into their bodies and investigate movement, emphasizing that yoga is not about making shapes or comparing your unique body to others.

Holly truly embodies what she teaches and has helped me understand yoga is not just what we do on the mat, but what we take out into the world after. She is more interested in how kind your heart is rather than how long your hamstrings are!”  

Aimee Read