Holly Warren

Holly’s spiritual journey began at a young age in a family dedicated to the pursuit of Yoga. At 7yrs, when introduced to Transcendental Meditation and having been promised a ‘word of wisdom’ she remarked, “you’ve given me the word, where’s the wisdom”. 

At 16yrs she began a pranayama practice alongside her meditation and asana and following a 10yr professional dance career, with a heart held by her spiritual practice, she undertook further training and in due course began leading Healing Breath meditation and Yoga workshops in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and Germany.

Working on the deeply held understanding that the body and breath have the potential to guide us in every moment, anchoring us to the present, this continued passion for Yoga eventually led to her becoming a full-time yoga instructor.

For five years she was a primary contributor to the development of Yoga London in the delivery of their teacher training programs, as-well as co-teaching on a central London Yoga studios Yoga Teacher Training and subsequently, following a move to Bath, she was contracted by Midlands based Calm Studios to develop and deliver teacher training in Derby.

Dedicated to delivering a training experience filled with practical knowledge and insight that can be applied to enrich your personal practice, her goal is to empower you to become a confident and knowledgeable yoga facilitator.

Her enthusiasm to share this transformative journey with you is solid. With Holly as your guide, you can be assured of a training that is filled with knowledge, compassion, and a deep understanding of the practice.