Emma Lewis

As far back as she can remember, Emma has been fascinated by human anatomy + physiology, psychology, and behaviour. After much deliberation over whether to study medicine or another health profession, she listened to her intuition and read Physiotherapy at the University of Birmingham. Emma graduated with first class honours in 2007 and this was the catalyst to her evolving journey of learning and teaching.

Emma’s intrigue in Yoga was seeded from studying the brain and human movement as a specialised neurological physiotherapist.  With this curiosity about the mind and body connection, she embarked on a 200-hour, Vinyasa Flow based, teacher training with Holly Warren in 2016 and further pregnancy training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, post-natal training with Sally Parkes, and Yoga Nidra training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Nirtlipta Tuli and Yoli Maya Meh. Through ongoing study and practice Emma has been inspired to explore the importance, beauty, and power of our innate energy in our daily practice both on and off the mat.

As an experienced physiotherapist and Yoga teacher, Emma has worked in diverse settings, with a range of different individuals and groups. She combines her knowledge of the human body with yoga principles to champion a truly accessible practice, with focus on exploration and connection.

Emma is passionate about teaching in all forms, dividing her time between yoga, clinical physiotherapy work, lecturing in Physiotherapy and studying for an academic teaching Fellowship in Healthcare + Biomedical education. Her mentors in both the healthcare and Yoga arenas have inspired Emma to creatively integrate theory and practice to underpin a unique and embodied experience. She has previously taught anatomy + physiology on 200 hour teacher trainings and is both excited and extremely honoured to now be collaborating with her own teacher, Holly Warren, on an embodied 200 hour programme.