Sep 1

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Yoga packed with wisdom and insight in Puglia

September 1, 2019
September 7, 2019

Puglia, Italy

Morning classes follow a dynamic vinyasa yoga format. We take time to break each pose down, allowing body and mind to absorb the subtleties of each posture, moving through the sequence with grace and strength, unraveling tension in muscles and mind. Each unique practice brings fresh energy, invigorating and awakening you to a deeply satisfying sense of being alive. At the end of each day we come together to practice yoga again, but in a more meditative way that nurtures and restores.

This 6-night retreat features a series of inspiring yoga classes and guided meditation. Brunch, tea, and supper are also included, plus evening activities. Additional activities such as scenic cycling, raw cuisine workshop & gong sound bath are optional extras. You don’t need any yoga experience to enjoy this retreat, but a reasonable fitness level is recommended.

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